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The fourth generation of static and dynamic combined type rotary classifier, which was manufactured by BPEG under the cooperation with German BABCOCK in 1994 and was first used for GAO BEIDIAN Power Plant. Then, BPEG cooperated with aerodynamic Experiment Station in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, got variety performance curve and developed a series of combined type rotary classifier. Now 455 sets are already put into operation and exported to various countries.

The rotary classifier made by BPEG is widely used for electric power generation, chemical, cement and metallurgy industries. 455 sets are already put in to the market. And many are exported to Albania, Turkey, Vietnam, Georgia, South Korea, Syria, Pakistan, India and other countries.

The adjustable range of this classifier is wide and the performance curve appears to be linearization. The fineness can reach R90=3% and R95=3.5%.

The rotary classifier can meet the requirements of fineness for coal powder when burning the low-Nox, which is good to environment. When the evenness index of coal powder is increased to 1.3—1.4, without changing the fineness of coal powder R90, the R200 falls down. It can lower the carbon content of fly ash, and consequently reduce coal consumption. Comparing to static classifier, the rotary classifier can efficiently decrease the wind resistance and vibration of coal mill.

This is the picture of our rotary classifier running in Guohua Sanhe Power plant. The lifetime of blades is more than 50000 hours, better than the imported ones. The rotary classifier, which is used for Gao Beidian power plant in 1998, is still running well, there is no damage sign for both the static and dynamic blades and the inside structure. The static and dynamic blades are made by wearable steel plates.

BPEG have been awarded the national patent of sealing system for rotary classifier. The reliable seal structure are used for oil seal, hermetic seal and powder seal.

The rotor of rotary classifier is driven by the gearbox to ensure the stability and accuracy of the impeller rotation. It can also avoid pulley skidding, losing speed and instable speed phenomena. The pipeline for mill outlet is equipped with inner lining made by wear resistant ceramic. High-class dynamic balance is done for the rotor to ensure its stable running.

The classifying efficiency of combined rotary classifier is much high. By adjusting the rotation speed of rotor, the required coal fineness can be obtained. When the centrifugal acceleration produced by the rotor is above 16g, the coal fineness can reach R90<=10%, When the centrifugal acceleration is above 23g, the coal fineness can reach R90=5%.It can separate the coarse coal effectively and make the evenness index of coal powder N〉1.3. And very little fines are left in the unqualified powder, so to avoid the duplication of the coal grinding and excessive crushing.

BPEG has over ten years history for rotary classifier, which is widely used for different fields. For the power industry in China, there are many power plants including 1000MW project apply the rotary classifier.

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