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  Slag mill & roller mill
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  Mental Enclosed Busduct
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  Line Trap
  Coupling Filter
  Dry-Type Air-core reactor
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Main Products-> Facilities

  There are more than 2 thousand main production facilities with strong and comprehensive capacity for manufacturing mechanical and electric equipments in which more than 1 thousand common equipments,11 precision equipments,114 large size equipments as well as 7 unusual equipments.

16m Lathe
MAAG Gear Grinder
Spiral Bevel Gear Cutting Machine
6.3m Vertical Lathe
Computer Control Gas Cutting Machine
10T Electric Arc Furnace


Face Lathe Type DPS2500 2500×6300
Face Lathe Type DPS3150 3150×3150
Vertical Lathe C5263/1 6300X4000
Vertical Lathe C5235 3500×2000
Vertical Lathe C5250/1 5000×3200
Lathe C61100B 1000×5000
Lathe CZ61315 3150×16000
Jig Boring Machine T4240 400×560
Jig Boring Machine T4163C 630×1100
Drilling Machine RFH--100 100×3000
Drilling Machine Z30100*31 Φ100X3150
Horizontal Boring Machine TPX6113 130
Computer Control Gas Cutting Machine BXA6000 6000
Face Boring Machine W200HC 3000/5000
Cylindrical Grinder MG1432 320X1000
Plane Grinder M50100 1000X5000
Plane Grinde HSS90/100S 900X20
Steam Hammer M134 3T
Electric Arc Furnace HX3L-5B 5T



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